Product Range

Anjum Textile Mills (Private) Limited

We produce superior quality blended yarn for high end customers who are mostly exporters desirous of enhancing the quality of their end product and reduction of inefficiencies. This product placement strategy has yielded good results for the company and has helped in earning a premium for quality. Anjum Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. has implemented a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach and by the same virtue, largely relies on reputed suppliers of raw materials and spares.

We currently produce the following:.

  • • 26/s P/C 52:48 Carded (Weaving/ Knitting)
  • • 30/s P/C 52:48 Carded (Weaving/ Knitting)
  • • 31/s P/C 52:48 Carded (Weaving/ Knitting)
  • • 40/s P/C 52:48 Carded (Weaving/ Knitting)
  • • 38/s CVC 60:40 Carded (Weaving/ Knitting)
  • • 40/s CVC 60:40 Carded (Weaving/ Knitting)

Besides the above, other counts of yarn may also be produced based on order quantity and availability of capacity as contracted with the buyer.

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